Film Premiere for Future.Shock



TQS Collective @tuttoquestosentire inaugurates its sixth year of activity with a week-long Futur.Shock Instagram takeover and the launch of a new audio-visual work, premiering on this channel, Thursday 17.12.20.
The online residency marks the anniversary of the premiere of TQS opera piece The Act of Listening, a collaboration between TQS Collective (Olivia Salvadori, Sandro Mussida, Rebecca Salvadori) and Curl Collective (Brother May, Coby Sey, Mica Levi), performed live at @fold.ldn on the 12.12.19.

Excerpt from the film Exercises On Displacement 2014-2020 narrated by Elaine Tam will be premiered during the week. The full-length work will be streamed on the FOLD Fb channel on the 12 Dec. 2020 at 9 pm UK time.


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