Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti

Het HEM, Amsterdam


TQS has been invited for a three weeks residency at Het HEM, the new Amsterdam's centre for contemporary culture, based in the North of the city, in Zaandam. The project is part of Het HEM's Close Range music residency program. The collective has worked in the space and produced the site-specific piece Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti.

Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti project was born around different reflections on what remains of a creative experience, what stays after a performance is finished.

The work is composed of a quadraphonic sound-and-light installation, a film and a series of live performances; Three different film shooting/editing techniques, fragmented/non-linear -- static/still -- movement/rotation, give the whole piece its formal and conceptual structure and unity, differently articulated in each of its just mentioned manifestations.

The Audio-Light Installation

The audio piece is built around a series of conversations between the artists involved, the Het HEM’s director, the music curator and the event producer. Of these words and interwoven concepts, the further the piece goes, the less we hear. Field recordings of the soundscape of HET Hem's unique surroundings leave space to the cello and the vocal melodies to juxtapose words and light actions. Cello (Sandro Mussida) and vocals (Olivia Salvadori/Coby Sey) has been recorded in a quadraphonic audio mic set up in mirroring the exact installation's space measurements. The total length of the piece is 21 minutes.

The Film

The film will be articulated in three sections/screens, with a static shot showing the light and voice installation with no audience. Another shows the intimate one-to-one relation between the artists involved via a 360-degree rotation camera, and one last shows the layered and fragmented, articulated process of the project. Static, rotation and fragmented became thus the guidelines for us when recording the audio materials for the installation and towards the making of the live performances.

The Live Performances

Within the installed quadraphonic audio + light piece, running at Het Hem's Grey Space from midday to midnight on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th, two performances per day took place, Featuring Tutto Questo Sentire collective (Olivia Salvadori, voice // Sandro Mussida, cello / Rebecca Salvadori, audio from footage) and invited artists Charlie Hope (live and programmed light design), Coby Sey (vocals), Elena Colombi (SOMA modular synth).

The piece took further different shapes and forms while performing it live, when we all also reacted to the different light environment (from the "gold" daylight mesh of lights of the two 6.30 PM shows to the total black of the 8.30 PM).


  • Olivia Salvadori Curation / Composition / Voice
  • Sandro Mussida Curation / Composition / Cello
  • Rebecca Salvadori Curation / Film Direction / Field Recordings
  • Charlie Hope Lights
  • Coby Sey Voice
  • Elena Colombi Soma Synthesizer




Stichting Het HEM foundation

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Amsterdam

Het HEM director: Kim Tuin
Music program: Orpheu de Jong
Event Production manager: Stefan Prokof
Communications: Charlene Austin
Head of Operations: Miguel Scholtens Moreira
Fundraising & sponsorship: Berber Meindertsma
Venue Team (!): Twan Morelli, Sara, Liep Swan and all at Het HEM

Camera and Cinematography: Jaap Mardiemel
Sound: Pim Van Der Ploeg
Audio equipment: Audiotechnica
Photos: Indigo Sum