Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti / Album Release


from the Album's press release:

"In October 2021, Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti culminated the Close Range music residency programme at Het HEM contemporary art centre in Zaandam, the Netherlands. A haunting audiovisual performance and site specific immersive installation, it evokes elements of sound, spoken word and articulated light design. The recording is released by Osàre! Editions as a twenty minute sonic journey in four moments, each interlinked with one another. This format reflects the iterations of the work which was performed live twice a day over two days.

The piece was presented by Tutto Questo Sentire, an artist collective consisting of experimental soprano Olivia Salvadori, composer and cellist Sandro Mussida and filmmaker and video artist Rebecca Salvadori. The group is accompanied by guests Osàre! founder Elena Colombi on synthesizer, vocalist and producer Coby Sey and light artist Charlie Hope.

Conjuring the afterglow of creative encounters; the dying embers that linger when the curtain has fallen, Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti illuminates impressions embedded in architecture; the echoes of the past that emanate as sensations, affect and memory. Interweaving classical instruments and singing with synthetic production and field recordings, for each performance, Hope sampled the colours of the evening sky, projecting the fluctuating shades of orange like a slowly revolving lighthouse beacon. Emerging from the captured footage, sound and light design processes are concepts of fragmentary action, stillness and rotation, the passage of time and circular motion of circadian rhythms.

Located along the banks of the North Sea Canal, Het HEM is a former industrial munitions factory. Unfolding between the looming white metal girders that make up the building’s infrastructure, Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti opens with a low hum from Colombi’s modular synth, the oscillations reverberating through the concrete and steel. Filmmaker Rebecca Salvadori plays out fragments of her videos, inviting the audience to listen and imagine the missing images, envisioning “what remains” absent, while Mussida draws a slow, incandescent chord on his cello strings. Voices echo, snippets of conversations between the artists involved, Het HEM's director and curators. Sey harmonises with Olivia Salvadori’s otherworldly soprano, their vocals amplified through a quadraphonic, site-adapted speakers. Slipping into the surreal and uncanny, Spazio Per Azioni Luminescenti plays deftly with spatially: utterances surface, then disappear into the shadows, as ephemeral as a sunset."

Hannah Pezzack - The Wire Magazine


  • Olivia Salvadori Curation / Voice
  • Sandro Mussida Curation / Cello / Album Production
  • Rebecca Salvadori Curation / Film Direction / Field Recording
  • Charlie Hope Lights
  • Coby Sey Voice
  • Elena Colombi Soma Synthesizer


Distributed by Rush Hour, Netherlands

Mixed by Andrea Ciacchini, Mirco Mencacci, Sandro Mussida at SAM Recording Studio, Lari (Italy)

Mastered by Giuseppe Lelasi
Manufactured by Handle With Care, Germany
Cover art by TQS & Manuel Sepulveda
Art direction by Elena Colombi
Words by Hannah Pezzack

Produced by Sandro Mussida and Tutto Questo Sentire
Commissioned and funded by Stichting Het HEM Foundation

w/ the support of Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Amsterdam and SENA Muziekproductiefond.

Close Range Residency program curated by Orpheu de Jong

Special thanks to:
Het HEM director: Kim Tuin
Music program: Orpheu de Jong
Event Production manager: Stefan Prokop
Communications: Charlene Austin
Head of Operations: Miguel Scholtens Moreira

Fundraising & sponsorship: Berber Meindertsma and Sanne Huijsmans

Venue Managers: Twan Morelli, Sara, Liep Swan
Live Performances Sound Engineer: Pim Van Der Ploeg
Camera and Cinematography: Jaap Mardiemel
Location recordings by Tutto Questo Sentire
Live recordings by Pim Van Der Ploeg

© Osàre! Editions and Tutto Questo Sentire