Stadtgarten, Köln


from the press on the night (translated from the German): "The nucleus is formed by Rebecca and Olivia Salvadori, a video artist and an unconventional opera singer, and the cellist and composer Sandro Mussida. Centered around this trio, numerous artists* have written pieces for the most diverse types of performances in recurring sessions over the last eight years: An opera with CURL, the group around Mica Levi, Coby Sey and Brother May, performed at the now legendary London Techno- Club Fold. A recording session in Icelandic emptiness with Bo Ningen's Monchan Monna. Dance and improvisation sets with artists such as Mark Fell and Oren Ambarchi, George Finlay Ramsay and Tribe of Collin, Brittany Bailey and Alessandra Novaga, at traditional places of longing such as Rome's Botanical Gardens and the hilltop amphitheater of Capalbio. The focus is on designing sound for a specific location – an unofficial influence here may be the installation sculptures by the father of the Salvadori sisters, Remo, always oscillating between two and three dimensions – and the evening in the Stadtgarten is also shaped by the Idea of the “site-specific event”: what else can be elicited from this “most normal” of all places, the standardized concert hall, “stage in front – chairs in back”?"

curated by hanna bächer


  • Olivia Salvadori voice
  • Sandro Mussida piano, electronics
  • Rebecca Salvadori a/v


reiheM - concert series for contemporary music, electronics and new media is organized by Mark e.V. and funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Cologne and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.