International Encounters On Matters Of Sound III

private, Capalbio (Rome)

25-30 June 2016

The residency aims to produce an original piece of work integrating each artist's individual practices in a collaborative process that adds together radical improvisation elements with more structured approaches. For this edition, Mark Fell and Jan Hendrickse were asked to co-curate the project. The result of these 5 days of collaboration was presented to the public at the Botanical Gardens, in Rome on the 1st of July 2016.

Curators: TQS

Co-Curators: Mark Fell, Jan Handrickse


  • Sandro Mussida cello
  • Rebecca Salvadori video
  • Olivia Salvadori voice
  • Hannah Bacher questions and answers
  • Oren Ambarchi guitar, audio processing
  • Mark Fell computer
  • Crys Cole objects, mics
  • Jan Hendrickse flutes, feedbacks


host and main funder

Roberto Lombardi

with the support of the town of Capalbio

accommodation and catering

Romina Perugini

event communication partner

Inverted Audio