International Encounters On Matters Of Sound I

private, Capalbio (Rome)

3-5 June 2014

Coming from a wide range of different backgrounds, nine musicians and one dancer have been invited to perform a public concert without a director, any written score, previous rehearsals or librettos.The desire was to reunite musicians tending to a very pure, almost sterling musical journey, within a decontextualized communal environment, in order to verify the possible different dynamics of interaction.

How is the process of collaborative composition undertaken given such conditions? How much can a music genre or style keep itself as a whole (integral/undamaged) when exposed to other musical languages in a given context such as an improvisational live set?


  • Sandro Mussida cello, harmonium
  • Olivia Salvadori voice
  • Andre Vida alto saxophone
  • Mark Fell computer
  • Schneider TM e.guitar, electronics
  • Tomoko Nakasato dance
  • Giulio Corini contrabass
  • Stefano Cardo bass clarinet
  • Edgardo Barlassina bass clarinet
  • Giorgio Sancristoforo Buchla Easel V modular synth



host and main funder

Roberto Lombardi

with the support of the town of Capalbio

production team

Andrea Bressan, sound engineer & FOH

Lorenzo Dal Ri, audio recording

Lilian Istrati, audio backline

Matteo De Vittor, video & lights backline

Rebecca Salvadori, cinematographer

Jara Moravec, cinematographer

Matteo Bertini, backstage photography

Romina Perugini, accommodation & catering