The Action Of Moving Something From Its Place Or Position

Botanical Gardens, Rome


Exercise 1

Olivia Salvadori, An Invisible Ode (Act One)

there is always a margin of the unknown that emerges within the quality of any sound, beyond the characteristics of its source. operatic voice, electronic and percussions investigate the relationship between physical sources, musical forms and pre-performative rituals.

Olivia Salvadori, voice/ Coby Sey, electronics / Kid Millions, percussions/ Capitol K, recording

Exercise 2

Rebecca Salvadori, The Male Body Will Be Next

the male body Will be next is a video installation investigating power relations and the female gaze, a subjective camera, feeling/seeing specific contexts of action. pleasure and discovery; intimacy and objectification; pride and machismo. the title quotes the work of Belgian artist peter de potter, author of ‘the vanity of certain flowers’.

Rebecca Salvadori, video / George Finlay Ramsay, performance

Exercise 3

Sandro Mussida, Musica Per Due Pianoforti E Percussioni

twenty-four notes per octave under the influence of seven waves for two pianos one quarter-tone apart and percussions.

Sandro Mussida, composition / Ciro Longobardi, pianos / Simone Beneventi, tibetan gongs, cowbells & tuned metals

© Rebecca Salvadori 2017


  • Sandro Mussida composition
  • Simone Beneventi Cowbells, Thai Gongs, Dobachi, Rin, Log Drums
  • Ciro Longobardi two pianos two hands
  • Rebecca Salvadori film director, screening
  • Olivia Salvadori voice
  • Coby Sey electronics, percussions
  • Kid Millions drums
  • George Finlay Ramsay performance
  • Hannah Bacher questions and answers



host and main funder

Roberto Lombardi

with the support of the Orto Botanico Università La Sapienza

dott.ssa Gratani


Simone Guido Izzi

Federico Nitti, lights


Roberta Jessy Frascarelli, press

Charlotte Hauser + Julien Savioz (LAC), visual identity

event communication partner

Inverted Audio