Rebecca Salvadori

Rebecca Salvadori is a London based Italo-Australian video artist.
She has a long experience of filming environments with a focus on non-hierarchical/chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her works act as constellations of highly personal and wilfully elusive heterogeneous elements: multifaceted portraits of moments, people and environments that can be approached from different angles as they move in between personal and transpersonal scales. When working with animation, she constantly combines sound and image in a continuous chain of casualties through elements of chance and free association, rejecting chronological layering and sequencing, always looking for a way to escape from software automation. Salvadori is a part of A/V duo Footage together with video artist Leah Walker as well as the 2022 artistic director of Norient Film Festival.

Features | Publications

Intenzione spaziale e disposizione affettiva.
Rebecca Salvadori in conversazione con Mattia Capelletti,

Document your culture, a Manual, Emma Warren, Sweet Machine Publishing.

Subverting Technology: an interview with Rebecca Salvadori

Filming life: Rebecca Salvadori on her music films and her poetic attitude her-poetic-attitude/

PIG MAG QUARTERLY, N°2 an interview to Rebecca Salvadori by Barnaba Ponchielli.

Selected screenings | Installations | exhibitions

Hard to tell, Andy Stott, Modern Love

Rave Trilogy, ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, Cinema3, London
Elementary Parallelism with Jonathan Gillie, Iklectik,residency program, London
Rave Trilogy, Freedlands Foundation Artist Symposium curated by Catriona Whiteford, London
Flux 101, Palazzi d'Oriente, Rebecca Salvadori
Different Beginnings, No Bounds Festival,Sheffield, UK
Rave Trilogy, curated by Lauren Goshinski for Public Records TV, New York
Chatroom: Empathy, Avantgardening, Twitch TV, 8pm, UK Footage, Keller Lichter, Koln, DE
The Act of Listening, TQS + CURL, Fold, London, UK
Footage, Camden Arts Centre on Cork Street, London
Footage, Volcanoes & Regret, SET, London
Euroemptiness, curated by Videodrome Paris, Ticktack , Antwerp
Empathy, curated by TQS, South London Gallery, London
Lilian’s Vow commissioned by Lilian Nejatpour, curated by Photoworks for Peckahm24, Photo London
Empathy, curated by Philip Ilinsky, NII Science & Art, Moscaw
Empathy, curated by TQS, Cafe Oto, London
synchronized and non-synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy, curated by Dasha Birukova & Bernhard Living, Iklektic, London
Footage, curated by TQS, Cre8 Studio, London
Footage, Plant #2 curated by Hanna Bacher, Schleuse, Cologne, DE

Euroemptiness, curated by Allegra Shorto, Freud Museum, London
Footage, Diffracta curated by Felice Maromarco, London
Final Sheffield, Warp Records x No Bounds Festival
synchronized and non-synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy,
curated by Mark Fell | galeria dos prazeres | Madeira
the male body will be next, Barbican, London MIND THE SPACE_raumohneraum, Berlin Art Week OWOP & Voyeurs at Kunstpunkt Berlin
The male body will be next, curated by TQS, Botanical Garden, Rome, Italy
Niko Solorio & Rebecca Salvadori, In Dialogue, Gallery of Talks, Berlin
Continuum, Sofia Mattioli & Rebecca Salvadori, Macro Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome, Milano Film Festival, Milan, Videodrome Paris,David Lynch Club Silencio,Paris, III Point Festival, Miami
Inside the sarcophagus, curated by Elaine Tam, MKII Gallery
Hive Synthesis, Hack the Barbican, Barbican Centre, London
VIDIosonic Rituals, curated by CivicTV83, London
Retina Of The Mind’s Eye, curated by CivicTV83, Modern Jago, London
Visuals for Bo Ningen “Line the Wall ” Album Launch, Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, London
BYOB Vevey - Malibu Mermaid, IMAGES, Festival des Arts Visuels de Vevey, Vevey, Switzerland
Euroemptiness, Festival Images, Vevey, Switzerland
Leap Frog, Crosstalk Video Art Festival,
Category Pro Forma / Style, Budapest
Rites de Passage exhibition, curated by Pier Luigi Tazzi | SCHUNCK- Glaspaleis, Heerlen, Nederland