Olivia Salvadori

Olivia Salvadori is a classically trained soprano, an operatic solo performer, and an experimental recording artist. Combining her deep, lyrical voice and electronic soundscape, her music creates an eclectic avant-garde union. Her powerful yet sublime voice contrasted with pensive, classically-influenced electronic accompaniment creates a charged, intimate ambience with enigmatic undertones. For Olivia, music is an ongoing and limitless journey, guided by personal vision and creativity. She lives and works between London and Tuscany.

@Camden Arts Centre in Cork St. London, 2019

Selected Works

An Invisible Ode, Curl Recording (in Compilation n2), 2021

The Act Of Listening, An Ode, w TQS+CURL live, FOLD club, London, 2019

An Invisible Ode 4/4, w.Akihide Monna, Coby Sey, Camden Arts Centre at Cork Street, London 2019

Prosecute My Posture, Garage Gallery, Rotterdam, 2018

Live set with Coby Sey for What Is Sleep?, Heat Baptism Church, London, 2018

Act 3, live set with Coby Sey for the opening of the artist Johanna Grawunder @ Assab One Gallery Milan, 2018;

Songs Of Portrait, an extended documentary from screen to stage; a meeting of operatic forms, by Orleanproject (www.orleanproject.net), with Kunqu artist – Yang Yang from China and female Noh artist – Hikaru Uzawa from Japan

Live @ Hong Kong City Hall, 2018;
Seven Fact In Logical Space, with Mark Fell, Serralves Museum, Porto, 2018;

Performance for the opening of artist Thomas De Falco solo show, Triennale Museum, Milan, 2017;

Surround set live, Donizetti Opera House, Bergamo, 2017; Movimento III, live performance for Building Gallery, Milan, 2017;

Enciclopedia Dos Relacionamentos Humanos, residency, curated by Mark Fell, Madeira, 2017;

Dare Voce, experimental opera songbook, with Sandro Mussida, cd, Sony Classical Italy

Live set, with Coby Sey, Kid Millions, as part of TQSIV, Botanical Garden Rome, 2017;

Frozen In A Sculpture, commissioned Kaaitheatre, for Performatik – Performance Art Biennial, Brussels, 2017;

Live set, with Sandro Mussida, Total Refreshment Centre, London, 2016

Live performance for Grace Schwindt Magician’s Box, commissioned and produced by Institute Of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath 2016

Selected Venues

Institute Of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath; Total Refreshment Centre, London; Kaaitheatre, Brussels; Botanical Garden, Rome; Building Gallery, Milan; Triennale Museum, Milan; Serralves Museum, Porto; Hong Kong City Hall, HK; Assab One, Milan; Garage Gallery, Rotterdam; Camden Arts Centre, London; FOLD club, London; Reina Sofia Opera House, Valencia; Donizetti Opera Theatre, Bergamo;


An Invisible Ode, on Curl Compilation n2, Curl Recordings, 2021

Dare Voce, with Sandro Mussida, Sony Classical Italy, 2016

Violenza 124, with Sandro Mussida and Niccolò Fabi, 2015

Milleuna, Nanni Balestrini, libro+cd, 2007 Derive Approdi editore