The residency aims to produce an original piece of work integrating each artists individual practices in a collaborative process that adds together radical improvisation elements with more structured approaches. For this edition, Mark Fell and Jan Hendrickse were asked to co-curate the project. The result of these 5 days of collaboration was presented to the public at the Botanical Gardens, in Rome on the 1st of July 2016.

Residency: 25 June — 30 June 2016, Capalbio, Italy
Event: 1 July 2016, Botanical Gardens, Rome, Italy


Olivia Salvadori / Sandro Mussida / Rebecca Salvadori

co curators

Mark Fell / Jan Hendrickse

participating artists

Mark Fell (UK) , computer / Crys Cole (CND), voice, electronic / Oren Ambarchi (AUS), guitar, electronic / Olivia Salvadori (IT), voice /Sandro Mussida (IT), cello Jan Hendrickse (UK), winds / Rebecca Salvadori (IT), video

A Section Of Euroemptiness

video installation by artist and TQS co-curator Rebecca Salvadori for four laptops computers


Jara Moravec

video collage produced by filmmaker Jaroslav Moravec, shot using a medium format camera with a DSLR during the group’s rehearsals in Capalbio, Tuscany.


Hanna Bacher interviews TQS members

Paul Modler about space


Oren Ambarchi and Jan Hendrickse on Structure



Olivia and Crys about vocal technologies


Event Booklet

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