Exercises on Displacement 3/5

South London Gallery, London, UK


Exercises On Displacement 3/5 is a site-specific programme of live performances, screenings and discussions by interdisciplinary artists at South London Gallery, London.

Exercises On Displacement 4/5 is the third in a series of five events staged in London by TUTTO QUESTO SENTIRE (TQS), the artist collective founded in 2014 by visual artist Rebecca Salvadori, experimental opera singer Olivia Salvadori and composer and cellist Sandro Mussida.

Exercises On Displacement 4/5 features: TQS, Mark Fell, Will Guthrie, Jan Hendrickse, Justin Kennedy, Elisa La Marca, Isabella Carreras

The project is supported by Arts Council England, Italian Institute of Culture, Inverted Audio and Roberto Lombardi.

Sandro Mussida

Musica per Tiorba e Computer, live set

for audio samples and baroque theorbo

elisa la marca, theorbo

sandro mussida, sound

Olivia Salvadori

An Invisible Ode, 3/5


Rebecca Salvadori

Empathy, screening

video (silent, 10′)

Mark Fell

Parallelling#2, performance/ installation with

Justin f.Kennedy, performance

Isabella Carreras, costume design

Will Guthrie, drums

Jan Hendrickse, flutes

Mark Fell, sound


  • Sandro Mussida cello
  • Rebecca Salvadori a/v
  • Olivia Salvadori voice
  • Francesco Mussida photo
  • Mark Fell computer
  • Will Guthrie drums
  • Jan Hendrickse flutes
  • Justin Kennedy dance artist
  • Isabella Carreras costume designer


a project by

TQS Collective

co-produced with

Thirty Three Thirty Three

generously supported by

Art Council England / National Lottery Fund

Roberto Lombardi

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Londra

Series partners

Qubik Design

Amber Audio

Inverted Audio

How To Become A Cult Leader

Event's partners

South London Gallery

for South London Gallery, Simon Parris