karl d silva



sandro trio

art council


Iris Chan, performer
Ghost and John, performers

performing Nhu Xuan Hua

Tropism – Consequences of a displaced memory Study2 – Theatre of Remembrance, 2019


Ylan Lucas, set design
Rudy Simba Betty, wardrobe UNIZ, sound
Sander Nevejans, set design


Rian Treanor, electronic

Karl D’Silva, saxophone

live set, 2019


Olivia Salvadori, voice
Coby Sey, electronics
Akihide Monna, drums

performing, An Invisible Ode 4/5, live

Rebecca Salvadori, A/V
Leah Walker, A/V

performing Footage, A/V live, 2019


sandro trio

Clare Salaman, nyckelharpa

Vicki Swan, nyckelharpa

Simon Allen, voice

performing Sandro Mussida

[[O>ooo<——• ,2019

For Two Instruments And Spoken Words, 2019

Niko Solorio, voice/film (live)


read the_pdf program


Film Screenings/ 1

Rebecca Salvadori
Everything Happens At The Same Time, video, 2019

Elaine Tam moderating an open conversation addressing the role of artist/curator in relation to themes of displacement, with artists Jan Hendrickse, George Finlay Ramsay, Nhu Xuan Hua, Rebecca Salvadori

Film Screenings/ 2


George Finlay Ramsay (UK)

Book of Regrets: For Kamchatka, 2019


Sofia Mattioli (IT)

EEG waveforms, 2015


Dustin Lynn (US)

Isola, featuring Brittany Bailey, Olivia Salvadori


Leah Walker (UK)

2015 URCHINS, 2019


Niko Solorio (US)

Luminous, 2019


a project by:

TQS Collective

co-produced with: 

Thirty Three Thirty Three

Camden Arts Centre

generously supported by:

Roberto Lombardi

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura Londra

Art Council England / National Lottery Fund