Aural Works
Mirco Mencacci

Field recordist and sound designer Mirco Mencacci produces the sound memories of the 2015 residency. The result of his work for TQSII is the multichannel 5.1 surround sound audio recording of the residency’s final performance, held at the Anfiteatro Del Leccio, Capalbio, IT, on the 25th July, 2015.


the audio diary comprehends everyday moments, rehearsals, discussions and off site expeditions, like the residency opening one: a the very early morning wildlife listening walk into the WWF Reserve of Lake Burano

Mirco set up_
recorder: Aaton Digital Cantar X2
original audio format: 96khz/24bit (we had to compress the files here, sorry!)

Mirco is an Italian sound designer working in cinema and music recording. He has designed, directed and supervised sound editing on over 400 movies involving directors such as Michelangelo Antonioni to Ferzan Özpetek, and many of his film projects have premiered at major film festivals around the world, exhibited also at Guggenheim NYC, MOMA NYC, Pompidou in Paris, MAXXI Museum in Rome.