TQS (Tutto Questo Sentire) is an artist collective started in 2014 by experimental opera singer Olivia Salvadori, composer & cellist Sandro Mussida, video & sound artist Rebecca Salvadori TQS investigates the encounter between different artistic disciplines from the contemporary music, visual and performative international scenes. TQS exists in the form of a series of site-specific events on the nature of sound and its relationship with video, time perception, environment awareness and live-performance practices.

TQS outputs may be experienced as performing actions, staged multimedia productions, live media events and web-publishing content.

TQS’s projects have been possible thanks to the generous support of Roberto Lombardi, who has funded the project since the first edition.


composer, producer, cellist

His work investigates the relationships between tradition and innovation in music, investigating active listening, the identity of musical languages and rites. his latest works involve historical, non-equal-tempered tuning systems questioning its perception by the western, standardized ear. On the intersection between acoustical/classical, electric and electronic fields, he writes for orchestra, chamber and solo instruments, electronics. His work is published by Sony Classical, Boom- kat, Tapeworms, Blume Editions, Metrica, Soave Records


EEEOOOSSS Musica Per Tre Sistemi Di Intonazione (Music for Three Intonation Systems) for bass clarinet, electric guitar, cello samples, Label: Soave; upcoming- spring 2019

Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili, clear vinyl, limited edition, for two sets of tuned metals (6 triangles, 2 glockenspiels, gong, tam), electric guitar, Bb clarinets and flute, piano, violin. Metrica, IT. 2017. broadcasted on Rai Radio 3, bbc3 Radio UK, The New Hum (UK), The Sound Projector, Dark Entries (NL) and many others.

Dare Voce, with Olivia Salvadori / CD, Sony Classical Italy. dec 2016 // press coverage includes Rai Radio3, Rolling Stones (IT), Schmopera (CAN), Electronic North (UK), Van Magazine (DE), Pylot (UK)

FocalMusic, with Mark Fell, Laura Cannell, Aby Vulliamy / cassette, ed.Tape- worms_dec 2016

Movimenti Lunari, Alessandra Novaga, Guitar, Ed.Blume

Object Relations #1, with Mark Fell (electronics) / Sandro Mussida (cello): 7’’vinyl limited edition, Ed. boomkat 2015


Protomusic#1, by Mark Fell, 45 speaker system piece at Gateshead Sage, New- castle, UK, acoustic, folk, classical and popular instruments recording recreating the city soundscape, June 2018

Ondes, with Francesco Fabris @ EMS, Stockholm, on the qualities of acoustic and electric waves, for cello, Buchla 2000 synthesizers, August 2017

Time Diagram For Organ And Strings, by Mark Fell & London Contemporary

Orchestra for Organ Reframed 2016, Composer: Mark Fell Organist: James McVinnie Orchestra: London Contemporary Orchestra Director: Robert Ames


Serralves Museum, Porto, Kremlin Theatre, Moscow; CCA Glasgow; Istanbul Congress Centre, Istanbul; Donizetti Opera Theatre, Bergamo; Gorki Theatre, Berlin; Cafe OTO, London; St.Mark Church, New York; Triennale Museum, Milan; Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice; Botanical Gardens, Rome; Regent Theatre, Toronto


Olivia Salvadori is a classically-trained soprano, an operatic solo performer, and an experimental recording artist. Combining her deep, lyrical voice and electron- ic soundscape, her music creates an eclectic avant-garde union. Her powerful yet sublime voice contrasted with pensive, classically-influenced electronic accompaniment creates a charged, intimate ambience with enigmatic undertones. For Olivia, music is an ongoing and limitless journey, guided by personal vision and creativity. She lives and works between London and Milan.


Prosecute My Posture, Garage Gallery, Rotterdam, 2018

live set with Coby Sey for What Is Sleep?, Heat Baptism Church, London, 2018

Act 3, live set with Coby Sey for the opening of the artist Johanna Grawunder @ Assab One Gallery Milan, 2018;

Songs Of Portrait, an extended documentary from screen to stage; a meeting of operatic forms, by Orleanproject (www.orleanproject.net), with Kunqu artist – Yang Yang from China and female Noh artist – Hikaru Uzawa from Japan

live @ Hong Kong City Hall, 2018;
Seven Fact In Logical Space, with Mark Fell, Serralves Museum, 2018;

performance for the opening of artist Thomas De Falco solo show, Triennale Museum, Milan, 2017;

surround set live, Donizetti Opera House, Bergamo, 2017; Movimento III, live performance for Building Gallery, Milan, 2017;

Enciclopedia Dos Relacionamentos Humanos, residency, curated by Mark Fell, Madeira, 2017;

Dare Voce, experimental opera songbook, with Sandro Mussida, cd, Sony Classical Italy

live set, with Coby Sey, Kid Millions, as part of TQSIV, Botanical Garden Rome, 2017;

Frozen In A Sculpture, commissioned Kaaitheatre, for Performatik – Performance Art Biennial, Brussels, 2017;

live set, with Sandro Mussida, Total Refreshment Centre, London, 2016
live performance for Grace Schwindt Magician’s Box, commissioned and produced by Institute Of Contemporary Interdisciplinary Arts, Bath 2016


Is a Italo-Australian, London-based video artist with a long experience of filming environments following a non-hierarchical/chronological layering and sequencing of audio to footage. Her film work, including ambiguous short documentaries, artists’ portraits, music videos and non-synced live visuals, is both highly personal and wilfully elusive. Rather than following a classic, linear narrative, these take the form of visual compositions built through chance, association and repetition. Throughout the years, Salvadori has accumulated an extensive video archive from which she creates assemblages. This acts as the basis for filmic portraits of moments, people and environments.


Final Sheffield, 2017 – 2018 / 10:00 min
Commissioned by Sheffield’s No Bounds Festival creative director, Final Sheffield premiered in the occasion of Warp Records x No Bounds Festival together with works by Mark Pritchard & Jonathan Zawada + Bibio. The film featured also on Wire Magazine.

synchronized and non-synchronized exercises of arrhythmic empathy, 2017 Commissioned by composer Sandro Mussida for his Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili limited edition vinyl release. The video has been selected for several shows including D.REM, a dream sensorium at the Freud Museum, London.

Continuum by Sofia Mattioli and Rebecca Salvadori, 2014
Original scores by Jamie xx, Four Tet, Koreless and John Talabot.
Nowness premiere. Label: Young Turks 7inch vinyl +DVD
Continuum has been screened at Future Everything Festival Manchester, David Lynch Silencio Club, Milano Film Festival, Videodrome Paris, III Points Festival, Miami, Macro Rome@Club to Club.

IMAGE/BLACK by Lucy Railton and Rebecca Salvadori, 2014 Commissioned by Mark Fell for the Festival of Film and Animation Olomouc 2014, Czech Republic.

is a reclamation of unused/used music + video made by Rebecca and Leah in their separate lives. taken or made at home, at work, and away – per- formed side by side, in an audio-visual game of call and response.

Footage / Rebecca Salvadori & Leah Walker
SET, London / Schleuse, Mülheimer Hafe, Cologne / Heath Street Baptist Church, London / Total Refreshment Centre, London / Time Club, Milano,Italy

Footage / Rebecca Salvadori & Philipp Ilinskiy
MIEFF, Moscow International Experimental Film Festival


LUCIEN + REBECCA, Time Club, Milano,Italy 20 April 2018
2013 -2017


main funder

is an independent investor in public and private companies, focusing 
on innovative enterprises, incubators, and startups. He’s personally active 
in the cultural sector, fostering selected initiatives in the Italian contemporary art, music, and media.